Your premises are a network of complex systems. There are daily issues, emergencies or routine maintenance requests that keep you away from your main responsibilities that drive your organization. This is why a complete and centralized service package from PLANiT GROUP’s Facilities Management division will allow you to operate efficiently, while enhancing your performance and profitability. Our know-how from our other PLANiT GROUP divisions helps guarantee quality results and higher satisfaction by implementing leading procedures, improved controls and constant communication.

Your company’s sites are at the heart of your business, and we want to help you keep it healthy: we provide a broad range of maintenance services for any needs or issues. We offer regular, preventive maintenance to keep your locations clean, optimally functional and worry-free. We ultimately know that unexpected issues may arise, so our centralized services will handle all your property assets management or emergencies promptly and professionally, so you can concentrate on running your daily operations.

• 24/7 Emergency Response
• Carpentry
• Cleaning
• Concrete/Blacktop
• Electrical
• Elevators
• Flooring

• Painting
• Plumbing
• Preventive Maintenance
• Roofing
• Specialty Services

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