High end Hospitality

When Anthony Gentile was looking to open his own restaurant and inspired by his family's hugely popular restaurant, Cafe Gentile, he approached award-winning design house Atelier Z'bulon Perron to collaborate on the project. They created the concept for a New York in the 70s and 80s inspired retro pizza parlour and designed the vision for Gentile Pizza Parlour. Planit Construction was entrusted to bring this vision to life.

The project was intricate and had many moving parts to consider, most notably that the kitchen of the Cafe Gentile and the neighbouring Gentile Pizza Parlour have shared elements, and construction could in no way affect the staff and the opening hours of the cafe. Bathroom renovations also had to be done in phases, as to ensure that the plumbing system or the availability of the facilities were never an issue to clients and staff alike.

The existing mezzanine had to be demolished and rebuilt, and the space was maximized and optimally designed to make the most practical use out of the area. The existing kitchen was modified to include a new production area, along with a shared prep space and dish pit to modernize and improve the overall flow and functionality.

Special care was paid to the existing paraline ceiling, which was carefully removed, numbered, refinished and reinstalled, in order to retain the building's vintage authenticity. There were custom tiles, custom millwork, custom wood paneling and custom chandeliers, all carefully installed by our detail oriented construction teams. The final result was a unique and stylish retro pizza parlour that feels immersive and is truly an experience for the senses designed by an iconic Montreal agency for an iconic Montreal establishment.